HMV engineers is at FISE 2017 with the new tools in 3D and Big Data

Medellín  Nov 28, 2017

HMV Ingenieros arrives at the fair FISE with the new in 3D and Big Data This sponsor of the Smart City Experience and leader in engineering and technology solutions, especially the electrical area - transmission and generation of energy -, comes with great news and good news to the International Fair of the Electricity Sector. FISE Exhibitor Regulations Talking about HMV Ingenieros is talking about a company with more than 50 years of experience in electrical engineering, leader in the domestic market and in almost all Latin America for providing comprehensive solutions ranging from consulting and auditing to the construction of energy projects. Its portfolio of services is very broad.

"We have planning, feasibility studies of all kinds, design in all areas of engineering, in small and large hydroelectric plants. We are designing a 600 megawatt plant, for example. Also many projects of treatment and water purification, including the treatment plant of Bello is our engineering in a consortium with a German firm. Also we have a lot of activity in the oil and gas, in the thermal generation, that is, we cover all the lines of engineering. But in construction and integral solutions, only in the electrical engineering part, whether in the construction of transmission lines, electrical substations and small hydroelectric power plants that is our forte ", explains in detail the electrical engineer Carlos Felipe Ramírez, president of HMV Engineers.

Of the 1,500 engineers that this company has, almost 60 percent are in Medellín, main headquarters, and 40 percent in the other headquarters in Bogotá, as well as some distributed between Chile, Peru, Brazil and the United States where they have operative offices specialized in the transmission and generation of energy. In Panama and Trinidad and Tobago they have commercial representations.   Although in Colombia they are strong in all areas of engineering, abroad they are in transmission and generation. "That is our international strength because in the world there is a deficiency in this area, specifically in the transmission part. In what are electric lines and substations there is a shortage of engineers who provide this service in all countries. Now in the United States, where there are some giant plans to renew electrical networks and systems, we find many opportunities and are taking advantage of them with our new office in Orlando, "explains engineer Carlos Felipe Ramírez. The permanent study of new developments and solutions ensures its growth.

New markets are on the horizon and already have two countries in mind. "The United States is such a big market and there are so many opportunities in the electricity sector that we are going to focus a lot there without neglecting what is coming. There are two countries, especially one in Latin America that is Argentina, which is totally reversing its new liberal political scheme that will allow private individuals from Colombia and other countries to penetrate the electricity sector. ISA is also looking at it. The other is Mexico. " Together with the Cluster of Electric Power, HMV Ingenieros has participated in the 7 editions of FISE, they are pioneers and sponsors of the fair. And although the expectation of sale have it in other fairs, they consider that FISE is a tool, a vehicle to make known the company. "We even bring our clients from other countries to know more about HMV, Medellín as a city of energy cluster and all the services that can be obtained in the city and in the country on this subject," explains engineer Carlos Felipe Ramírez. He adds that FISE is the maximum commercial showcase where HMV Ingenieros participates in Latin America. "We participate in other fairs in Latin America, but there is no fair of the size and importance of FISE.

Definitely in Latin America is the number 1 fair, we consider it as such and that is why we bet 100% to FISE to have a magnificent participation. With respect to the Smart City Experience, HMV are the integrators of the entire electrical system. "We are going to show in three dimensions all Smart City riding the products of all who are participating. We have an innovation department, study groups that evaluate how we have to evolve into the future. So obviously we are very aware and very well trained in the issue of distributed generation of Smart City. " The president of HMV Ingenieros is excited to talk about other developments in this seventh edition of FISE. "We have come a long way in the model, in the 3D design with BIM (Building Information Model) methodology. This is a technology where I put the same digital model in three dimensions, all engineering disciplines in the same model, and all work on the same model to avoid interference and to that everything is coordinated. Thus I can verify interference, movements of the civil, architectural, electrical, hydrosanitary, all on the same platform. That is what we are applying in our projects and we are perhaps, internationally, one of the leaders in what is what we are selling most in the United States, where we are quite advanced. We are going to show 3D designs of hydroelectric plants that we have in Colombia, and some thermal plants that we have just designed in Argentina.

We are also going to show 3D models of DC converter stations from a link we made between Holland and Denmark, very complex electrical substations, some upgrades we did in the city of Rochester, United States, "among others. Another new feature that will be presented is Big Data. "We have made some technological developments in this regard in control systems. Specifically we have developed a Scada systems that are control system of generation plants. We have a recent application of Big Data that we did for a monitoring of flow control in the East of Antioquia and, finally, we are going to show all this that is very advanced"

And of course they will also show their traditional portfolio, what they do and the latest projects in which they have participated in all countries. With regard to the future that awaits us in the development of the energy, the engineer Carlos Felipe Ramírez referred to the advances that have made in the research of generation with nonconventional renewable resources, as well as the importance that the hydroelectricity has. "We have ventured into all that are generations with unconventional renewable resources: solar, wind. We have done studies in Peru, Chile, Colombia, even our building in Medellín has its own solar plant. We are providing service on this issue because we know that non-conventional renewable energies are the future. Although we also rely heavily on hydroelectricity because Colombia is a country rich in water and this is a renewable natural resource that can not be wasted. We believe that it is the combination of all technologies that will be the future of Colombia, "concluded the president of HMV Ingenieros. Extraído de: