HMV is committed to solar energy for self-consumption at its headquarters

Medellín  Dec 06, 2017

With a solar roof that can supply part of the consumption of its facilities, HMV Ingenieros joins the city's commitment to sustainability.

This photovoltaic project that began in 2016 has three phases, the first two installed in Tower I, located on Avenida del Poblado with 11 A Street and the last one in Tower II, located on Lomainde Hill. Phases I and II in Tower I are already 100% and the total project will be ready by mid 2018.

Up to now, 110 million pesos have been invested in adapting existing structures, supplying materials and photovoltaic arrays that will supply up to 6% of the electrical consumption of the facilities.

Miguel García, coordinator of Non-Conventional Renewable Energy of HMV Ingenieros, explained the design and assembly stages: "Different activities were developed in the detailed design of the system: the quantification of the solar resource available at the installation site, the evaluation of the competition existing structural and finally the associated electrical design to guarantee the delivery of the generated energy ".

For six years, HMV Ingenieros has been working on photovoltaic solar energy projects, starting in Chile and Peru where different forms of solar use were evaluated. For the past three years, he has been working hard in Colombia to develop these types of projects, given the latent need to include new renewable sources of energy, such as solar energy. With this project, HMV Ingenieros manifests its commitment to the sustainability of the electricity sector.