MIC a tool for knowledge management

Medellín  Jan 04, 2018

Finding the foci of knowledge and identifying the gaps that exist within an organization is the guarantee of the growth and the durability of these over time. However, to a larger size, greater complexity in the knowledge management that configures it. With a view to the penetration of all divisions of the organization, HMV Ingenieros has developed a tool that combines the methodology of identification of knowledge, BIG DATA and analytical, following the strategic project of Knowledge Management, this time together with two key allies, Human Development and Technology Management.  Intelligent Mapping of Knowledge (MIC), as it is called, manages to dynamically identify the knowledge each employee possesses and their level of depth. The advantages of knowing this information are very valuable, since they make strategic decisions on many fronts, including: 1. Select the appropriate personnel for each project, according to the specific needs 2. To know the experts that HMV counts for a particular discipline or specialty 3. Identify critical knowledge 4. Identify critical positions 5. Identify gaps or opportunities for knowledge in the areas 6. Make knowledge transfer plans 7. Make succession plans 8. Conduct a training program 9. Reduce time on learning curves How does this tool work? The MIC obtains its information through the methodology designed and created by HMV, called "The Methodology 123". This form of work consists of 3 steps that allow, in the work areas, to generate the list of knowledge needed for the area (Knowledge Inventory), to know who has this knowledge identified (Identification of experts) and what is their level of depth (Qualification of knowledge). With this data, the information is consolidated. Additionally, the Work Breakdown Structures (WBS) or WBS of the projects in each area of ??HMV are further refined or created, a fundamental tool for the standardization and classification of information and knowledge existing in our company. This methodology has already begun to be implemented as a pilot in Medellín in the areas of Electrical Studies, Transmission Lines, Protections, Testing, Automation and Communications and in Bogotá in the areas of Water and Basic Sanitation and Oil and Gas, Environmental and Infrastructure. The methodology is being validated by each of these areas, there are some teams that have completed the three phases, others that will begin the 2nd and last in the initial phase. It is planned throughout this year to keep coming to the different working groups. Big Data, business intelligence and analytics, all components of the big trends in technology will be the way we will be able to give a sense to all the information and knowledge that exists in our company, making management and middle management make strategic decisions based on this information. "This tool adds to the portfolio of technology and knowledge with which HMV Ingenieros has its purpose is to make our work more productive, to remain pioneers in engineering tools and in the future, to convert them into a service for the electric sector, so that it contributes to the country and the region, "said Alejandro Gamboa, coordinator of Knowledge Management at HMV.