HMV contributes with BIM design to the construction of smart cities

Medellín  Dec 05, 2017

The reduction of cost overruns in the construction of infrastructure projects is one of the challenges of smart cities. Technologies such as Building Information Modeling will be able to contribute to the country in this common problem of the sector.

HMV carried out for the Smart City Experience of the International Fair of the Electric Sector, a complete modeling of the Green Pavilion of Plaza Mayor, integrating all engineering through 3D modeling or Building Information Modeling. This is a design technology that incorporates in a single model all the dimensions of a project, the three typically known, plus the variables of time, costs and sustainability, which allow to centralize all information in a single project.

"For the Smart City, 13 subsystems were integrated, including an intelligent house, the electric charge zone for the vehicles, the track on which the visitors made the test drive, the power poles and the rest of the stands; all connected by a data network and by an energy network "explained Juan Carlos García, director of knowledge management, innovation and technology at HMV Ingenieros.

With this technology it is possible to simulate the construction, preventing inconveniences in the execution whose corrections imply great costs, improving in addition the quality of the designs.

The smart city of the International Fair of the Electricity Sector is a concrete action towards the challenge of sustainability to which the city of Medellin joins.

This year HMV Ingenieros was a Diamond sponsor of FISE 2017 and a strategic ally of the Smart City Experience.