We are an engineering solutions and technology Company that provides consulting services, supervision, owner´s engineering and project management for multiple sectors.

We are a group that contributes to the development of societies and countries by offering integral solutions in: consulting and engineering, construction of electric power projects and development of technological solutions.

We operate in Colombia, Peru, Chile, Brazil, United States and Trinidad and Tobago. We have developed projects in more than 40 countries and are constantly looking for the development and execution of projects worldwide. Our main purpose is to support and promote sustainable infrastructure development for our clients through knowledge, team professionalism, the consistency in our work and the ethics of each of our members.

Our people are the fundamentals that allow us to consolidate around 60 years of history, contributing to the knowledge of the engineering sector and to the life quality improvement of our employees and impacted communities.

Transparency and integrity are the pillars on which our organization is based upon.


To develop infrastructure projects in several fields of engineering, with an emphasis on quality, timeliness, and support. Our company framework is built on social and environmental sustainability, through a complete and transparent process, that shapes the future and contributes to technical knowledge, adding value and welfare to our stakeholders.


To be leaders in providing complete engineering solutions, applying our knowledge and technology to deliver sustainable projects, generating welfare for our employees and profitability for our shareholders.