HMV is prepared in Silicon Valley for business transformation

Miami  Dec 11, 2017

Carlos Felipe Ramírez, president of HMV Ingenieros participated during an intense week, together with leaders of big companies of the world, government and non-profit sectors, in the Program for Executives of Singularity University in Silicon Valley, California. Its essential purpose is to create a great future for your organization and for the world, anticipating technological changes. This program is aimed at those who wish to take advantage of the benefits of technology and the digital age, to identify new opportunities in their work sectors. During this week the president of HMV Ingenieros, experienced in the Innovation Park of NASA, first-hand technology provided by the University of Singularity, including robots, virtual reality, drones and varied, immersing itself in the culture of innovation Silicon Valley . The content of this futuristic course includes topics such as artificial intelligence (AI), quantum computing, augmented reality, the internet of things, 3D manufacturing, cyber resilience, robotics, blockchain among other topics related to energy, climate change and feeding. Assistants from more than 30 countries from a wide variety of industries formed in a community of top managers learning to think exponentially, developing their vision and acquiring the tools to assess and predict the growth of technology, are transforming industries and organizations.